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To Parents: Children love funny songs -- and they, and we, are fortunate that our rich folk song literature contains m any that are very funny indeed. We presented four of them on Silly Stuff (YPR-428) and here are three more, two old ones, and an…

12 Holiday songs for every month of the year

A rhythmic participation record...actually the record is in the form of a solo ballet; opportunity for individual interpretation and creative movement being the principal motivation.

Musical story "...based on sounds that, for whatever reason, [children] consider hilarious..."

"...presents a combination of activity material, early sound training and listening material. The title song is an old nursery school favorite..."

Includes other songs and musical activities.

A musical story for children based on the classic fairytale.

Story record which "...offers excellent motivation and training for early listening to contrasting intensities of sound -- a basic element in musical training. Parents can continue such training in the form of a game, by listening with the child to…

Musical story featuring a tug-boat

"Here's a record that will tell you the real story about the life of a cowboy."

"Musical Songs and Games for the Happiest Time of the Day"

"A song and music game record to play with Daddy or to make-believe when Daddy is away."

"The absence from home, the daily lot of fathers, creates extra demands for building the child's…