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Musical story "...based on sounds that, for whatever reason, [children] consider hilarious..."

"...presents a combination of activity material, early sound training and listening material. The title song is an old nursery school favorite..."

Includes other songs and musical activities.

A musical story for children based on the classic fairytale.

Story record which "...offers excellent motivation and training for early listening to contrasting intensities of sound -- a basic element in musical training. Parents can continue such training in the form of a game, by listening with the child to…

Musical story featuring a tug-boat

"Here's a record that will tell you the real story about the life of a cowboy."

"Musical Songs and Games for the Happiest Time of the Day"

"A song and music game record to play with Daddy or to make-believe when Daddy is away."

"The absence from home, the daily lot of fathers, creates extra demands for building the child's…

Musical call and response to encourage children to sing along. Based on European folk songs. Sequel to Sing-Along.

A group of modern musical riddles. A "Guess What" Record. Age group 5-8.

A musical story about two families who play music together, including Billy Pringle on the bicycle bell. Based on "The Toy Symphony."